Chimera HD Graphics Bootflags: IGPEnabler, IGPlatformID, and IGPDeviceID

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More and more people are now building systems without a discrete graphics card or mixing on-board and discrete. As of version 2.2 of Chimera, I added a few new boot keys in order to accommodate these alternate graphics device configurations and port layouts.

Usage: IGPEnabler=Yes/No
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IGPEnabler enables Intel HD Graphics regardless of GraphicsEnabler configuration. For example if you have a GeForce "Kepler" (6xx or 7xx) graphics card, and you want to enable QE/CI for it and the onboard controller, you would use GraphicsEnabler=No together with IGPEnabler=Yes. Thus having both graphics controllers fully supported.

Usage: IGPlatformID=[value]
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IGPlatformID=[value] overrides the Chimera default snb-platform-id or ig-platform-id IORegistry key values for the Intel HD Graphics 2500, 3000, 4000, 4000 Mobile, 4600, 4600 Mobile and 5000 GPUs to allow for the use of an alternate port layout. The [value] must be 8 hexadecimal digits that correspond to a valid framebuffer platform-id recognized by the driver.

Usage: IGPDeviceID=[value]
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Version 3.0 of Chimera adds IGPDeviceID. Not all Intel HD graphics device-ids are supported out-of-the-box. For these devices, we've injected a device id that is close to or similar to achieve basic default resolution. If you want to inject a different device id from the ones we've used, you can use IGPDeviceID.

Below is a list of OS X platform-ids and Chimera defaults based on our testing on recommended motherboards.

Intel HD 2000*/3000 (SNB)
00010000 HD 3000 Mobile - Chimera Default
00301000 HD 3000 Desktop - Chimera Default

Intel HD 2500*/4000 (Capri)
01620005 HD 4000 Desktop
01620006 No connectors
01620007 No connectors
01660000 HD 4000 Mobile
01660001 HD 4000 Mobile
01660002 HD 4000 Mobile
01660003 HD 4000 Mobile - Chimera Default
01660004 HD 4000 Mobile - 1600x900 or 1920x1080
01660008 HD 4000 Mobile
01660009 HD 4000 Mobile
0166000A HD 4000 Desktop - Chimera Default
0166000B HD 4000 Desktop

Intel HD 4400*/4600/5000 (Azul)
04060000 Mobile
04120004 No connectors
04160000 Mobile
04160002 Mobile
04260000 Mobile
0A160000 Mobile
0A260000 Mobile
0A260005 HD 4600/5200 Mobile - MacBook Air Platform ID
0A260006 HD 4600/5200 Mobile - Chimera Default
0A260008 Mobile
0A2E0008 Mobile
0C060000 Mobile
0C160000 Mobile
0C260000 Mobile
0D220003 HD 4600/5200 Desktop - Chimera Default
0D260000 Mobile
0D260007 HD 4600/5200 Mobile

*HD 2000/2500 Mobile and Desktop and HD 4400 Desktop graphics solutions do not work, ie, no QE/CI graphics acceleration is possible.

-For HD 4000 mobile processor in desktop configuration use IGPlatformID=0166000A
-For HD 4400/4600/5200 mobile processors in desktop configuration, use IGPlatformID=0D220003

Chimera 3.0 Devices Table

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How to View Your Boot Log
To view what settings you've booted using, collect your boot log by typing bdmesg in your Terminal window.

1. Open /Applications/Utilities/Terminal
2. Type bdmesg
3. Inspect output


------------ INTEL DEVICE INFO -----------------------------------------------------------
Class code: [0300]
Intel HD Graphics 4000 [8086:0166] (rev 09)
Subsystem: [1458:d000] :: PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x2,0x0)
Using default ig-platform-id of 01660003

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