Install With MultiBeast [GUIDE]

Install With MultiBeast

MultiBeast requires you to know your motherboard. 

1. Navigate to your motherboard manufacturers website, Google search your motherboard model number. Generally the first search result will be the one you want. See Gigabyte Motherboards / ASUS Motherboards.

2. Search for the Specification tab to find out which Ethernet and Audio codec your motherboard has (jot these down).

3. If your motherboard has UEFI BIOS, your motherboard doesn't require a DSDT. (DSDT is required for HDMI Audio). 

3a. If your have a Legacy BIOS you will most probably need a DSDT. See How To Install a DSDT

4. User DSDT/DSDT Free Installation must be selected whether you have a DSDT or DSDT Free installation. This will install everything you need to boot from your hard drive. 

5. Installing Mountain Lion, 

Graphics Cards 

Buyer's Guide require you to navigate in MultiBeast to Customizations/Boot Options/select GraphicsEnabler=No as these are supported natively in OS X.

5a. MultiBeast For Mavericks default is GraphicsEnabler=No and IGPEnabler=Yes(giving the opportunity for both Discrete and Integrated graphics). Recommended selection for IGPEnabler=Yes is Customizations/Boot Options/1080p Display. Note that VGA ports aren't supported by OS X.

Be sure to read the PDF file document included with MultiBeast, this has all the install locations. Which is brilliant if you were to make a mistake. This is also available at

Please know that when using MultiBeast 6.0.0 or later for OS X Mavericks that the default for GraphicsEnabler has changed to GraphicsEnabler=No. If your graphics isn't supported natively then you will have to select under Customizations/Boot Options GraphicsEnabler=Yes

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