Apple OS X 10.9.3 Release News, Features: Enhanced 4K Support


After the standard testing process lasting a month, Apple has released OS X version 10.9.3 to the public this month. This is the third major update to the new OS and offers the standard combination of security patches, bug fixes, latest features, in addition to future-proofing improvements.
The latest update enhances 4K display support especially on the 2013 Mac Pro as well as the 15-inch 2013 Retina MacBook Pro. Now, when users connect these computers to a 4K display, by default these devices will be able to display images in OS X's HiDPI "Retina" scaling mode. In addition, they should support the more rapid 60Hz refresh rate on compatible monitors.

"Retina" mode will also make on-screen images bigger as well as sharper. At the same time, increase in the refresh rate allows UI animations, games and videos to look as well as feel more even and more responsive, subject to the capability of the GPU to render them at 60 frames per second.
While the 13-inch 2013 Retina MacBook Pro possesses the hardware it requires to power similar 4K displays - a Thunderbolt 2 port having DisplayPort 1.2 support plus one of Intel's Iris 5100 GPUs - Apple's official release does not make any mention of that specific computer.
The new update also reinstates local USB syncing of calendars and contacts between iOS devices and Macs running iTunes. The feature was removed in Mavericks. While it was possible to sync this information locally by means of iTunes in Mountain Lion as well as older OS X versions, the official document released by Apple said that Mavericks users would require using iCloud to sync this data.
Apple, however, did not provide any official workarounds for people who didn't want to store that information on Apple's servers. Local syncing of these items requires both OS X 10.9.3 as well as the new iTunes 11.2.
Apart from these changes, 10.9.3 also "improves the reliability of VPN connections using IPsec" and incorporates Safari 7.0.3, in case you have not updated yet. The usual security patches are also included.

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