Making Clover install USB

INSTALLING OSX (making Clover install USB)

We will need hack or Mac to make make this happens,8 GB USB stick(preferred USB 3 for speed)
First mount clean untouched InstallESD.dmg from your appstore mountain lion installer version 10.8.3 like this.


Then go to Contents/SharedSupport and double click on InstalESD.dmg
Next start Disk utility
Choose your USB stick,and then click partition.
Change partition layout: to 1 partition
Then Click option and choose GUID partition table ,click ok.
Choose Format to Mac OS Extended (Journaled),and hit apply,then partition.
Now your USB should look like this.


Next we will restore InstallESD.dmg to our newly formatted USB stick.
Using Disk Utility choose MAC OS X install ESD
Next choose tab restore.


then drag your Untitled 1 to destination.


Next click restore,and then erase and wait till finish.
Unmount all of your MAC OS X install ESD then replug your USB stick.

Now start latest clover setup and choose options for bios booting.
No drivers needed for this.
Open your efi folder and add kext that u need like fakesmc,nullcpu etc...

Now try boot.

Next we have Mac OS X Install ESD option and we select it and we press space and choose option Withkext
First stage of setup should start and we install OSX, setup will restart.
After restart we again boot from USB and choose Install OSX option,press space and choose NoCaches With Kext option.
Setup will now finish stage 2 and again restart.
Again boot from USB and select name of your new installed OSX and press space choose with kext.
U will get to desktop and now just install kext in s/l/e

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