Use Unibeast to install Mavericks on a real iMac


Since I don't have 10 hours to install Mavericks on my Late 2009 iMac, I thought I'd use Unibeast instead. Guess what? It works! Instead of 10 hours on DSL, I downloaded Mavericks in 20 minutes! Here's how.

So let's say you erased your hard drive on your Apple computer, and your internet is too slow. You'll need to reinstall the OS, and here's how to do it without internet.

You will need:

  • Your unibeast Mavericks USB drive
  • an Apple computer with a blank hard drive

  1. Once you have erased your hard drive, shut your computer down
  2. Turn it on while pressing the option key
  3. You will get at least two drives to boot into, boot into the one that says "UEFI boot" or the one with the orange flash icon
  4. After a few seconds, you will see a page that says "Install Mavericks"
  5. Press continue continue and agree
  6. Select the hard drive you erased earlier and you're on your way!

If you'd like a tutorial on how to erase a hard drive on a legitimate mac, let me know and I'll post one.

This is my first tutorial, please help me refine it. Thank you very much and I hope this helps you.

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