AMD Ryzen Hackintosh High Sierra (Guide)

HW Specs:
Ryzen 1600
16g Gskill Ripjaws 3200 cas16
Gigabyte GA-AB350M gaming 3 
GT1030 High Sierra
Samsung 960 evo 240gb NVME M.2
Generic 3 dollar usb keyboard and mouse ( bought just for installation )

Followed this tutorial to the dot:


If you have an SSD this will auto upgrade you to APFS, you need to follow Shaneees' tutorial here on APFS
First you need apfs.efi files then second step you. Need a efi mounter or mount efi in windows and paste apfs.efi in driverefi and driver64UEFI folder
:You can find apfs.efi on the USB drive in EFI/Clover/driver64UEFI folder. If you're booting Legacy with no UEFI bios then you need to copy apfs.efi to USB/Clover/drivers64 folder. 

First upon u need to download 2 files
2.AMD HighSierraV3 Image FilesTo begin use Trans

For Download transmac Full version click here TRansmac

For AMD Image Download From Click here

After Finished Downloaded. Next step is restore Image in USB Pendrive

mac to restore the HighSierraV3Unofficial.dmg file to a USB drive, the USB drive needs to be at least 8GBs in size.USB:

1.Ok once you've got TransMac installed and the DMG you want to restore right click on the TransMac icon and Run as Administrator.

Once open click on Tools > Settings and open then Disk Drives tab and change the settings to match the image below,

Now that's done we are ready to restore the image. Locate your USB device in the sidebar of TransMac on the left and right click it then choose, Restore With Disk Image.

Now locate the DMG you choose and open it. This will begin to format the USB and start the restore process.

Once complete you will be able to reboot into the new USB installer. Remember to set the USB as the boot device in the BIOS or press the appropriate key to choose a boot device when booting.

You need to select HighSierraAMD to begin. If you get a Waiting on Root Device message, move the USB to a different port for a few seconds to see if the install continues. If it does not then keep moving ports until it does.

Error Fix. If u have AMD FX Processor so Boot args is : npci=0x2000 USBBusFIx=Yes

Bios Setting

Set your SATA ports to AHCI

Enable USB Legacy support and EHCI handoff

Disable your Serial Port

Enable CSM and UEFI for Hard drives and USB devices

Set Secure Boot to Other OS


First Boot select as your motherboard brand in Asus use F8 to first boot device select AMDHighsierra V3 USB then press enter

Highlight Boot macOS from HighSierraAMD and press enter

If this is a NEW install highlight Disk Utility and press Continue

Select your Drive from the left side and click the Partition Button on the right to setup your new partition. You want to format it GUID/Extended Journaled.

Once your new partition is created it will show up on the left side under the drive you created it

For people upgrading Start here by selecting your existing drive and clicking continue

Click on Reinstall macOS and click Continue


Click Continue


Click Agree


Click Agree again


Select your drive and click Continue


It will begin copying files for a few minutes and restart


Select your USB and press enter


Select Boot macOS from HighSierraAMD


Click Utilities and Open Terminal


Enter cd /Volumes/HighSierraAMD at the prompt

Enter preinstall


Enter your partition name you created earlier


Once it's complete click the Apple Menu and choose Restart


Select your USB drive and hit enter


Select Boot macOS Install from YOURPARTITIONNAME


Soon as it loads the UI it will begin the install, it can take between 20 to 45 minutes depending on your hardware


Once install is finished it will restart


Select your USB drive and press enter


You want to select Boot macOS from HighSierraAMD


Once the UI loads you want to select Terminal from the Utilities menu


Enter cd /Volumes/HighSierraAMD at the prompt

You want to enter AMD at the prompt


Enter in your partition name you chose earlier


Once its done it will reboot


After installation i just installed nvidia web drivers for my High Sierra 10.13.x i am using and the (Build Number) and edited the config.plist.  
Nvidia Web Driver 
Only needed to change this.

Select System Parameters under SECTIONS
Check Inject NvidiaWeb
Lan, gpu accelaration, sound. 

Not working : haven't found anything, looks good

Want to:

Buy a bluetooth card and install it to complete the system for my likes.

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