Hi friends! Here are all the guides that I've written based on my experience with the help of my friends. Some are based on existing guides, but I have redefined to suit more system. Most of the guides are about Mavericks. I'm looking forward to receive your feedback to make them better. Thank you!

Pre installation

The right hardware for your Hackintosh
Checking your hardware before installing OS X

Installing Mavericks/Yosemite using Chameleon (Legacy BIOS)
Chameleon’s common bootflag

Installing Mavericks using Clover (UEFI)
Installing Yosemite using Clover (UEFI)
How to boot into Clover UEFI

Ozmosis modded BIOS Repository

Post installation

Install Chameleon bootloader – speedstep and installing kexts (Legacy BIOS)
Install Clover bootloader – speedstep and installing kexts (UEFI)
Install Clover Legacy bootloader (Legacy BIOS)
How to check your CPU’s speedstep

QE/CI for 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics

Request for AppleHDA patching

How to update OS X on your Hackintosh

Dualboot Windows and OS X using Chameleon
Dualboot Windows and OS X using Clover UEFI

Sync time between Windows and OS X
How to fix iCloud/iMessage/Facetime on your Hackintosh

DSDT/SSDT: Basic knowledge
DSDT/SSDT: Edit using MacIASL
DSDT/SSDT: Common DSDT patches
DSDT/SSDT: Enable battery by patching your DSDT using pre-made patches ( Laptop-exclusive )

Clover Config: Tweaking Clover menu entries


Boot0: error while using Chameleon
Issues while booting into OS X
Touchpad/Keyboard won’t work after using Hackintosh for a while ( Laptop-exclusive )

Advance techniques

Convert MBR to GPT/Windows Legacy to Windows UEFI
How to patch AppleHDA

Everything you need to know about NVRAM

How to patch framebuffer AMD GPU
Patched Framebuffer Repository

DSDT/SSDT: Everything you need to know SSDT
DSDT/SSDT: Disable dedicated GPU to extend battery life (Laptop-exclusive)
DSDT/SSDT: Brightness fix for Intel HD3000/4000/4400/4600 (Laptop exclusive)

Clover Config: Convert your patched AppleHDA to Clover patching-on-the-fly

Download links

Hackintosh Vietnam Tool
Chameleon bootloader
Clover bootloader

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