How to Enable Trim

If you have a solid state drive, you will want to enable Trim, a protocol that speeds up SSDs. By default, Apple blocks trim on all non apple branded SSDs. There are two methods for enabling trim on a Hackintosh using Clover.

Use The Trim Enabler App

This method is about as straightforward as they come. The only downside it’s not the most vanilla looking.
Simply download the Trim enabler app, click enable trim and reboot.

Patch IOAHCIBlockStorage

This method is slightly more complex, but it is more vanilla and doesn’t rely on 3rd party apps.
Open the Clover Configurator.
Load your config.plist by going File->Open->/EFI/EFI/CLOVER/config.plist

Under Kernel and Kexts Patches add a row to Kexts To Patch and enter the following:
Name: IOAHCIBlockStorage
Save the config file and reboot.

Confirm That TRIM Is Working

Trim is working
Go to the apple menu->About This Mac. Click More Info and then click System Report. Click SATA/SATA express

TRIM support should now say Yes.

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