Building a Cheap Hackintosh for $400


CPU – $137

We’ll go with the Intel i3-4330. This is a very basic dual core processor; however, it is more than capable of handling the average person’s workflow. It also includes Intel’s much improved HD 4600 graphics, so you will easily be able to stream media and play minecraft in glorious 1080p.

Motherboard – $79

Gigabyte H87m-hd3 I chose this board because it is cheap, compatible and upgradeable. The on board audio uses the ALC892 chipset for which you can get a kext here. The ethernet uses realtek gigabit lan has a kext avaliable here. You can save a bit more by going with an H81, but the h87 has dual channel memory and a few more features.

Ram – $50 (ram is still so darn expensive)

There are no real special requirements for ram in hackintoshes. I recommend Corsair Vengeance memory as it is very reliable. 4GB is pretty much the standard for machines. Mavericks can run with 2GB, but it will be very slow.

Hard Drive – $50

500GB Western Digital Blue As with ram, your choice of hard drive doesn’t really affect OS X compatibility.

Power Supply – $55

Corsair CS 450 watt This is a fairly low end power supply; however, it should be enough for this build.

Case – $36

Silverstone PS08B Silverstone is a very good at making inexpensive cases and this one looks pretty nice. So our total comes to $408. Now bear in mind that this machine is not going to compare with a top of the line iMac or Mac Pro. That said it’s a perfect starting point and can easily be upgraded.


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