(Guide)Launchpad pink icon fix for AMD 10.9 & 10.8

Hi to Everyone
I found this Similar Issue with most of Users Using in Hackintosh So i Thought to Post it here

For AMD 10.9 or Ml 10.8 User
finally i fix Launchpad pink (some say red) icon for AMD CPU .thanks to Saurav252525

Solution are pretty simple

Solution 1:
open terminal then copy & paste this
rm ~/Library/Application Support/Dock/*.db ; killall Dock

but you have to do this every time u reboot...
Solution 2:
download this...... Launchpad PinK icon Fix 10.9 AMD 1.2

1. Updates LaunchPad Icons
2. Looks for all .db's in Application Support/Dock & Updates them.
3. Saves Desktop Wallpaper & LaunchPad placement
Don't forget to make it run on startup
Save the attached to Applications,
Go to System Preferences -> Accounts -> Login items
Add the Launchpad Refresh.app in here.
reboot & done......!

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